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Infographic: Steps for Cloud Audit

Cloud Security Audit: Cloud Security has become imperative in the recent years as the rate at which applications are being architected and built within the cloud service providers (e.g., Azure, AWS, GCP) ecosystem, the proportion of adversaries targeting the cloud as attack surfaces and succeeding with their exploit attempts are never ending. 

InfoZeus will conduct a comprehensive cloud security audit on our client’s cloud infrastructure (e.g., Azure, AWS, GCP) platform to unearth cloud security misconfigurations in their cloud infrastructure platform (e.g., Individual cloud services/components, services/resources interactions, integrations etc.,). InfoZeus leverages combination of automated testing and analysis, Generative AI technologies, along with the human expertise to help our clients identify and remediate cloud misconfiguration security weakness across their different cloud environments (e.g.., QA, Stage, Production). 


Cloud Security Vulnerability Management: The objective of a cloud security vulnerability management service offering is to provide our clients with a reliable and continuous cloud security posture management (CSPM) solution for their mission critical applications on an ongoing or periodic basis for their live production environments. 


InfoZeus will schedule periodic CSPM vulnerability scans and manual testing methods adhering to CSPs (e.g., Azure, AWS, GCP) security benchmarks and industry standard compliance standards (e.g., CIS, NIST) to identify vulnerabilities. We will then engage with our clients to identify and remediate any cloud misconfigurations and security drifts that got introduced in the production instance, that weren’t present in the QA/Staging Cloud environments during our Cloud security audits. 

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