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Infographic: A Peek into App Penetration Testing

App PenTesting.png.png

Application Penetration Testing: The goal of an application penetration test is to uncover software vulnerabilities, demonstrate the impact of the weaknesses, and provide recommendations for mitigation and remediation. InfoZeus will use commercial, open source, and proprietary tools to implement a structured testing methodology to provide an in-depth security analysis and risk assessment report for our client’s critical applications tailored towards their business and application risk posture.

We adopt industry standards security testing methods and best practices recommended by OWASP Top 10 and SANS institute that are widely known and accepted. Our application layer penetration tests (using dynamic web scan tools, Generative AI analysis coupled with human intelligence, and manual testing methods) will target the client’s QA/Pre-production instance and include the software platforms such as Web sites, Web applications (Intranet/Internet based), Web services/APIs testing, Desktop/Thick Client applications, and COTS products/applications. 

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